• Please exfoliate your skin 24 hours prior to your appointment.

This is the most important step!

Exfoliation is a natural skin process that happens daily. 

If exfoliation is skipped or not done properly, the solution will be applied

to dead skin cells that will shed causing discoloration and blotchiness.


   Recommended Exfoliators:

Soap and Glory - Flake Away and Scrub of Your Life,

Norvell Renewing Exfoliator Body Scrub,

Norvell Revive Skin Refining Scrub,

Coffee Scrub, Sugar Scrub, Himalayan Salt Scrub

       Recommended Exfoliation Tools:

         Exfoliation Gloves

  • If you are showering the day of your appointment,

    Please allow at least 5 hours in between your shower and your tan.

     This ensures that the skin will be fully dry for your appointment.

             If you shower, exfoliate or shave too close to your appointment

 there is a chance that the solution will not adhere to your skin properly

and  will sit on the surface of your pores resulting in tiny brow dots.


  • All hair removal should be done 24 hours prior to your appointment.


  • Please schedule your manicure/pedicure prior to your appointment.

         If this does not work with your schedule let your nail technician know  

       you need a polish change without scrubs, lotions, oils or a hot towel.

  • Please make sure you do not have 

    make up, lotion, oil, deodorant or perfume

    on your skin the day of your appointment. 

  These products create a barrier on the skin that prevents the proper

   absorption of the solution and can cause discoloration and blotchiness.

Deodorant will cause green discoloration under the arm pit area.


  • Please keep in mind that what you wear

       during your session determines your tan lines.


  Recommended Clothing During Your Tan:

     Bathing suits, strapless bra, pasties, underwear, thongs.


  • Please wear or bring loose-fitting dark clothing to put on after your tan. 

           Solution does come off of most clothing and fabrics when washed.

     Recommended Clothing Post-Tan:

     Long sweatpants, sweatshirts, T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, loose dresses.


  • Please avoid wearing tight fitting clothing after your tan.

       (Leggings, yoga pants, tank tops, work out clothes, jeans, etc.)

       These types of clothing will rub against your skin

        and interfere with the absorption process of your tan.

        No bra should be worn after unless one was worn during your session.


  • Flip flops, slides or slippers are best to be worn after your tan.  

    Socks, sneakers and boots can cause discoloration on the feet and ankles.


  •  Please have an umbrella, poncho, or jacket with a hood to use

          if there is a chance that it will rain or snow on the day of your tan.

Please Note:

Since Summer and the warm weather is quickly approaching,

Please do not book a spray tan if you have a sun burn or are peeling.

If you come to your appointment with red, pink, sunburned or peeling skin,

I will refuse service and will have to reschedule your appointment

until your skin has fully peeled and healed.

Even if you aren't peeling yet, the dead skin cells will begin to peel

weeks after sun exposure, even if you're not one to typically peel.

Once the skin does begin to peel, it exposes the skins natural color

while the surrounding skin is burned and spray tanned.

This causes an blotchy discoloration that will not

fade or even out until ALL of the peeling is done.

So if you know you have an appointment with me

and will be out in the sun, PLEASE WEAR SUNSCREEN!

To all of my brides and brides to be scheduling tans,

PLEASE WEAR SUNSCREEN and  avoid getting significant tan lines

where your wedding dress will not cover or hide them.

ex: If you have an open back dress, do not wear a criss cross back bathing suit.

A spray tan can only do so much an will NOT cover up the tan lines.

It's very hard to completely camouflage them depending on the severity.

If you are not honest with me about recent sun exposure and

get a tan from me, I am not responsible for the outcome or a touch up.